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We take care of all of your video needs in one API–from uploading, transcoding, storage, playback, delivery, to video analytics.

LiveAPI makes sure your viewers can enjoy a seamless viewing experience regardless of their location and connection.


Global CDNs that reach worldwide audience

We partner with the leading CDNs across the globe including Akaimai, Cloudfare, Fastly CDN to make sure your videos get to your audience, wherever they are, with the highest quality possible.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

We support adaptive bitrate streaming to ensure the smooth playback at the highest quality possible no matter the connection speed your viewers have. This means there will be zero buffering or lag.

Accelerated Uploads

With our globally available accelerated edge nodes, you can upload files to LiveAPI much faster than traditional uploading methods. That means less time wasted and more work done for your business.

Easy-to-use APIs

No matter what programming language you use, we have clean and straightforward documentation for intergrating with your own tech stack. You don’t have to be an expert to build live streaming into your web or native apps. All of our resources are clearly designed for anyone to use.

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Pay as you grow

We know that every project has different needs and budgets. Our “pay as you grow” plan offers flexible pricing based on the minutes of your videos or livestreams, no matter what size of the project you are working with.

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24/7 Support

Building a video or live streaming app can be stressful. But our dedicated team of experts are here for you every step along the way. LiveAPI support is only one click away, 24/7, all day, everyday.


All features of
Video API

Full API Reference

Video Upload

RTMP Support
Direct Video Upload
RTMP Support
Upload Video via URL
RTMP Support
Unlimited Storage
RTMP Support
Multiple Video Formats


RTMP Support
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
RTMP Support

Streaming out

RTMP Support
Multi CDNs
RTMP Support
Global server redundancy
RTMP Support
Embeddable Player
RTMP Support
HLS Support
RTMP Support
Video Protection
RTMP Support
Audio Only Stream


RTMP Support
RTMP Support
Video Analytics
RTMP Support
Event logs

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Frequently asked questions

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LiveAPI is a set of APIs that developers can use to build live video streaming apps with ease. We offer an end-to-end experience that include livestreaming, VOD (Video on demand), encoding, video playback, analytics, etc. The benefit of LiveAPI is that it's completely flexible, you are able to develop the API for any use case you want.

LiveAPI is the perfect fit for developers or businesses looking to build an application that involves live streaming or on-demand video hosting . Using LiveAPI, you can start within minutes, integrating live and on-demand video streaming into your product, that way you can spend less time coding and launch your product to the market faster.

LiveAPI comes with comprehensive features for live video streaming applications. Our live video streaming API is one of the most stable and robust APIs for streaming videos over the Internet. We partner with the leading CDNs to deliver videos and live streams with long-lasting connections and low latency delivery.

LiveAPI comes with comprehensive features to build live video streaming into any product. Our live video streaming API is one of the most stable and robust APIs for streaming live and on-demand videos over the Internet. Whether it's for a couple of streams or a few thousands, we've got the powerful global infrastructure and multiple CDNs to ensure that everything scales as needed.

LiveAPI offers comprehensive features including live streaming, video hosting, encoding, video playback, multistreaming, pre-recorded video streaming, Live to VOD, analytics, etc.

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Our “pay as you grow” pricing plan offers flexible pricing based on the minutes of your videos or livestreams, no matter what size of the project you are working with. You can choose a plan on our pricing page. Here you can view a breakdown of all features that LiveAPI provides with each plan.

LiveAPI partners with leading CDNs including Akamai, Fastly, and Cloudflare to ensure global delivery, fast connection, with the best audio and video quality. CDNs help guarantee your streaming experience by effectively reducing server load and stream interruption.

Yes. Our stream player supports Adaptive Bitrate Streaming. Thus, it offers high-quality audio and video transmission no matter which platform your viewers are on.

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